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Vinyl Polysiloxane light-body type 3

Use for dental impressions of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

  • high accuracy
  • good dimensional stability
  • good elastic properties
  • high tear strength
  • excellent recovery from deformation on removal
  • short working and setting time

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Addition polyvinyl siloxane has superior results for accuracy and dimensional stability compared with condensation polyvinyl siloxane, and research indicates that addition polyvinyl siloxane remains unchanged over time, allowing impressions to be poured days after they were recorded.

Addition polyvinyl siloxane impression materials have four types of viscosity to suit different needs.  The light body type 3 has the lowest viscosity and is placed on hard and soft tissues to record accurate surface details of tooth preparations.

For best results use it with iClearSmile Vinyl polysiloxane Type O Putty

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