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PAP+ Powder

Strengthening, Whitening, Protecting
Upgrade your everyday toothpaste

• Removes Years of Stains
• Safe and Gentle
• No discomfort
• Sensitive-free formula

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Enrich your favorite toothpaste with PAP+ powder, to get a gorgeous smile.
The formula removes the stubborn stains created by coloured drinks, smoking or other.

Basically, you can add iClearSmile PAP+ powder to your daily oral care, without interfering to your routine, or substituting any product to which you have been prescribed.

There’s two ways to use our PAP+ Powder, with or without toothpaste. Both methods are effective, so you can choose whichever is your preference.

Return & Cancellation

iClearSmile is committed to brighter and healthier smiles!
If you have any reason not to smile with your purchase, please contact us!

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