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LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening at the comfort of your home

  • Optimal results after the first treatment
  • 100% safe for your enamel
  • 6 whitening gel pods
  • Removes stains and residue
  • Sensitive-free formula
  • Teeth up to 8 shades lighter
  • No gum irritation, no tooth sensitivity
  • Fast and noticeable results in teeth shade

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iClearSmile led whitening kit delivers professional-looking results that won’t harm your teeth or enamel, from the comfort of your home.

Our treatment combines premium peroxide-free teeth whitening agents in easy-to-use pods with advanced LED light technology.

Whitening Kit uses a peroxide-free teeth whitener gel that has been expertly formulated with PAP+ to protect the teeth.

The blue led light enhances the effectiveness of iClearSmile teeth whitening gel.  The powerful LED teeth whitening technology provides quick and painless stain removal for a whiter, natural-looking smile with great results in just 10 minutes of use per day!

Return & Cancellation

iClearSmile is committed to brighter and healthier smiles!
If you have any reason not to smile with your purchase, please contact us!

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