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iClear WaterFlosser


Removes plaque and bacteria

A powerful, yet gentle interdental clean

  • Targets and helps eliminate plaque bacteria for healthier gums
  • 3 cleaning modes

Deep clean

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The iClear Water Flosser is very effective, and actually even more effective than string floss, at reducing gingivitis, reducing gingival bleeding, and removing plaque.  It also can clean deeper into periodontal pockets than floss can.

Not only complements your cleansing routine, but it is also used to prevent gingival inflammation and lower plaque levels for patients with braces, implants or fixed prostheses,

This flosser has three main modes, for you to choose:

  • Normal: For normal cleaning.
  • Soft: Which provides gentle cleaning of sensitive gums.

Pulse: Used for massaging and cleaning of gums.

Return & Cancellation

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If you have any reason not to smile with your purchase, please contact us!

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