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iClear Starter Kit


Before We Begin
Follow the easy prep-steps below, and you’ll be well on your way to making a good impression. Bright lights and a mirror will come in handy when making your impressions. So, the bathroom might be the best place to start.

Trays: Grab one of the trays and check the size by putting it in your mouth.
Putty: Pull out the white and blue containers of putty. Make sure to leave them out so they reach room temperature before you begin.
Brush & Floss: Make sure your teeth are freshly scrubbed and flossed.
Clean Hands & Gloves: Wash and dry your hands before putting on your gloves.
Timer: Get a timer ready to keep your Impressions on track.
Towel: It’s not pretty, but you may drool when you take your impressions out.

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Getting started is simple. You’ll be making two sets of two impressions: top & bottom. Each one takes 3 ½ minutes to complete.

Start by making a top impression, checking it to be sure it came out just right. If anything seems off, you can correct it on your second try. On the next page you can see what makes an impression great.

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