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Sonic Led Electric Toothbrushes


Whiter and brighter

• 30, 000 sonic vibrations per minute
• Effectively eliminates plaque from teeth and gum
• Deep cleansing
• Whitening technology

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iClear LED electric toothbrush doesn’t only clean, it also whitens! Equipped with blue LED light for whitening support and sonic technology for better cleaning, this toothbrush leaves your smile whiter and brighter.  And, with 4 unique modes, your new toothbrush customizes each brushing session to exactly what you need: Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Whiten.

Clean Mode: Clean is the default mode the toothbrush works.  With 31, 000 brush rotations per minute, it brushes your teeth with a superior efficiency in this 2-minute program.  If you want to use only one mode, then select “Clean”.

Sensitive:  If you have sensitive teeth or gums, or sonic vibrations are “overwhelming” for you at first, set the mode to “Sensitive”.  This way the brush will vibrate with a low intensity, being careful with your teeth and gums.

Polish: Improves tooth shine.  The pace changes quickly.  The vibration intensity changes every 0. 1 seconds to simulate the glow effect.  Can be used for extra treatment in the area of incisors to whiten them.

White: In the “White” model, the toothbrush works a little harder to remove the marks left by coffee or tea, or other stains.

Return & Cancellation

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