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iClear Slim Brush

 29.99 vat excl.

Deep teeth cleaning is healthier

  • 20, 000 sonic vibrations per minute
  • Effectively eliminates plaque from teeth and gum
  • Deep cleansing
  • DuPont soft high-density bristles
  • Waterproof

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This electric toothbrush has the main features a kid’s brush needs: a small brush head and handle; DuPont soft high-density bristles that are designed to give the deepest cleansing possible; a two-minute timer and it is completely waterproof.  It is also the quietest, lightest, and most aesthetically pleasing of the brushes in iClear store, to encourage kids to not skip the daily oral care.

With 20, 000 rotations per minute and two cleaning modes, it removes more plaque and reduces gingivitis compared to manual brushes and also makes it easier for some kids, to achieve good brushing habits.

Return & Cancellation

iClearSmile is committed to brighter and healthier smiles!
If you have any reason not to smile with your purchase, please contact us!

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