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iClear Perfect Fit

 4.99 vat excl.
Can iClear Perfect Fit speed up treatment?

Aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into their new positions. In order to do this, they must fit properly over your teeth and stay in place. Aligners are designed to gradually move your teeth. Because of this, each new aligner will differ ever so slightly from the current position of your teeth. This can sometimes make it a little difficult to get the aligner properly situated. Aligner chewies can be used to help seat your aligner. They are soft plastic cylinders that are about the size of a cotton roll. After you’ve put in your aligner, you can bite down on a chewie for several minutes. This repeated biting action helps your aligner to better conform to the shape of your teeth.

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You may have heard that using aligner chewies can help to speed up your clear aligner treatment. This is partially true.
The proper fit of an aligner is essential for effective treatment. Because chewies can help improve an aligner’s fit, using them can help ensure that your treatment proceeds as planned.
In contrast, wearing aligners that don’t fit snugly over your teeth can slow treatment. This is why chewies may seem to “speed up” treatment.

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