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Day & Night Toothbrush 2in1


Brush day and night!

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The innovative 2in1 toothbrush incorporates a toothpaste deposit.  Apply just one press to dispense toothpaste and start brushing your teeth.

This design allows to carry your toothbrush and paste inside your bag, making the cleaning process easier for patients wearing aligners; for traveling or just a more practical solution for your hygienic routine.

Not only that! iClear 2in1 comes in a package of two toothbrushes: Day&Night.

Both brushes are filled with toothpaste each one with different formula.

The “Day” brush contains protecting and refreshing ingredients, to provide a healthy smile and fresh breath thorough the day.

The “Night” brush is filled with activated charcoal toothpaste, which sticks to tartar and bacteria, by eventually removing it when rinsing, to provide a deep cleansing effect.

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